Terms of Service


This is a legal and official statement document for all old and new users of the website of Upgradecard.us that whenever they wish to avail the services and guidance of Upgradecard.us they must act according to the instructions given in this document termed as “Terms of Use” and by all the updated version of this document in the future. Furthermore, other rules and legal terms that can be applicable or potentially applicable in this case then the user will be expected to also abide by those.

So when any visitor old or new decides that they wish to avail the services of Upgradecard.us will be strictly expected to act under the legal terms, rules and guidelines stated in this document of Terms of Use and other laws/rules that can be logically applied in such case involving service usage from an online platform.  Under specific circumstances or events when any user or visitor of Upgradecard.us refuses or fails to abide or accept any of the rules or terms given in this written document of Terms of Use or intentionally or unintentionally ignores to act in accordance with any of the terms then the availability of the services of the official website of the Upgradecard.us will instantly be forbidden, restricted or completely be withheld for that user. Also, any picture, logo or trademark that appears on the official web pages of the Upgradecard.us is safeguarded under stringent trademark and copyright laws.

License of Use

To all the previous and new visitors or users of the official website of Upgradecard.us are advised to always keep a note of the fact all content, materials and images that are shown on the web pages of the Upgradecard.us can only be downloaded or saved once by every users and that too when they are doing it for personal reasons and not for any profit generating or commercial reasons of any sort.

If a user or visitor is found guilty in making use of the material or content of Upgradecard.us for business oriented or commercial purposes then that user will be penalized under strict laws that are applicable in such a case or as stated in this Terms of Use document.  As of this license of Terms of Use, the users of Upgradecard.us cannot do the following:

  1. Change, plagiarize, modify any content or part of content that is posted on the official platform of Upgradecard.us,
  2. Utilize the content given on Upgradecard.us for commercialized reasons or intentions
  3. Remove or blur any logos, watermarks or trademarks shown on the website of Upgradecard.us


Upgradecard.us and all of its associated third party sites that are used as reference on the official pages of the Upgradecard.us and/or on few or all of the blogs of Upgradecard.us cannot be asked by any entity to adhere to the liability of any destruction, damage or loss to any data that is personal or potentially personally identifying. This includes unforeseen accidental circumstances such as stealing of information, accidental damage or loss to all data or any part of this data or other materials that are gathered from the visitors when they visit or have visited Upgradecard.us website in the past.


Any visitor or user of Upgradecard.us official website if ever locates a mistake, error or inconsistency in any of the facts, content or images than under such an event the official Upgradecard.us website or its team cannot be expected to take any kind of liability for it because under no term or policy does the official team of Upgradecard.us promises to deliver full accuracy on its content, materials or pictures.  

Third-Party Company and Links

Upgradecard.us under no rule or term promises to edit, proofread or do corrections on any of the materials, content or images that are shown on the official online pages of any of the third-party companies that are referred to on the website of Upgradecard.us on any of its articles, written scripts or blogs. Upgradecard.us also under no event promises to deliver full accuracy of the information shown on any of these third-party sites.