Upgrade Card Activation

If you fall in the category of people having a fair credit score, starting from FICO 560, or if you are trying to rebuild your credit history, the Upgrade Card is one of the best options for you out there.

The Upgrade Card is a unique product from Upgrade Inc. As advertised by upgrade.com, this card provides you with the flexibility and convenience of payments like a credit card, and it also gives you the predictability of a personal loan!

You can use this card online and in retail shops just like a traditional credit card. And when there is some remaining balance due, the company will automatically break it down into equal installments in the form of a personal loan. These installments will have to be paid on a monthly basis.

So, this hybrid functionality, predictable repayment options, and the fact that people with fair credit scores can also qualify for this card make it highly desirable and valuable.

How to Activate the Upgrade Card:

All you need to do is to call their helpline, which is 877-418-3405.

You will be given certain instructions that you need to follow. And within a few minutes, your Upgrade Card will be activated and is ready to be used.

How to apply for the Upgrade Card?

It is very easy to apply for the Upgrade Card. It can be done via phone, or through their website

Applying for the Upgrade Card via phone:

All you need to do is to call 877-418-3405. This service is available 24/7.

Make sure that you have all your bank documents, tax return statements, financial statement, and Social Security Number all in one place before you make the call. Because they are going to request all your basic information, it is better to keep it close.

Applying for the Upgrade Card Online:

  1. Visit the Upgrade website https://www.upgrade.com/
  2. Look at all the cards that Upgrade offers. Compare them and go ahead to check your rate and credit limit
  3. Add all the basic information that is asked. Including your monthly and annual income, your additional income (the one that comes from secondary sources like dividends, etc.)
  4. Click on “Check Your Credit Line”

Once you have clicked to check your credit line, you will be notified that the company will initiate a soft pull to make some credit checks on you. After that, you will receive some offers from the company through your mail.

The company will also ask for your Social Security Number to verify all the information that you have provided.

This type of checking is not going to affect your credit scores.

  • If you qualify for the card, Upgrade will send you an offer that will include your rate, and your credit line
  • If you accept the offer, only then the company will carry out a hard pull on you. This will affect your credit score and it may temporarily dip down a bit too. But the good thing is that the qualification process does not depend on your score only. Upgrade will also consider other factors like your financial stability, past credit history, etc.
  • Once you receive the approval, Upgrade will issue an instant virtual card for you until the physical card comes
  • Now that you have your card, you need to activate it to use it

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